About A Year to Remember

A Year To Remember puts you in the midst of World War Two with archive footage that shows the biggest stories and pictures from six of the world's most momentous years


Using archive footage from the world famous British Pathé, A Year To Remember recounts the momentous years between 1939 and 1945 – an unprecedented period for news, iconic images and men that held the fate of the world in their hands.

In 1939, A Year To Remember presents newsreels that show when war was declared and how children were evacuated from London. While the first year of war was unfolding across Europe, President Roosevelt was opening the New York World Fair.

Nineteen Forty’s instalment shows how Allied forces were evacuated from Dunkirk, Neville Chamberlain handed over the prime ministership to Winston Churchill, and how the Battle of Britain raged over the south of England.

In 1941, the big news was the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour, and legendary Ethiopian leader, Haile Selassie, re-entering Abyssinia. King George VI awarded the people of Malta the George Cross in 1942, and 1943 sees the Russians celebrate their victory in Stalingrad. Elsewhere, Clark Gable gets stationed in Britain, and James Stewart is promoted to captain.

The episodes that cover 1944 and 1945 chronicle the end of the war – Rome falls to the Allies, French tanks lead the Allied liberation of Paris, US troops leave for home and Churchill flicks his now-famous ‘V’ sign.

Incredible news in an incredible time and giving 21st century viewers a chance to watch it all unravel in exactly the same way past generations saw it.