About Above and Beyond

Above and Beyond showcases bravery in the years since World War Two. Using archive footage and first-hand accounts, the series shows you the front line of modern warfare

Above and Beyond

Above And Beyond celebrates the courage of our armed forces since WWII. Throughout the ten episodes, the series takes a comprehensive look at conflicts ranging from the Troubles in Northern Ireland and the Korean War, to the Falklands and right up to date in Afghanistan.

Using archive footage and first-hand testimonial, Above And Beyond showcases bravery on the front line and tells the human stories behind the battles as the armed forces are tested to the limits.

The series starts five years after the defeat of fascism in Western Europe in WWII. Communism was the new global threat and it was thriving in Korea, where China invaded the north of the country to support her Marchist allies.

For the first time, the United Nations sent soldiers into the field, including 4,000 troops from the Gloucester regiment. There the Glosters faced endless attacks from an estimated 70,000 Chinese soldiers…