About After the War Was Won

In After The War Was Won, soldiers and loved ones tell their stories of adjusting back to civilian life and how it felt to find families had grown up and sometimes grown apart

Ted and Phyllis

World War II's ability to produce new and moving stories of courage, emotion and struggle knows no bounds, and during the years we've heard so many incredible stories from the frontlines.

But here in Blighty, a population had to live through terrifying bombardment and make do while their loved ones were fighting abroad.

So when the war finally ended both those at home and those fighting abroad suddenly had a lot of adjustments to make.

This emotional programme tells the story of the people who were left in the UK during WWII, what happened when the war had finished and how everyone had to adapt after such a six-year ordeal.

On the one hand the country felt sheer joy and relief of the victory and the anticipation of a hero's welcome home.

But the reality was often different - a soldier often returned home to an ill-fitting suit, a family of strangers, no work and the nightmares of war still vivid inside their heads.

With first-hand testimony from those who fought and had to adjust to life back home, After The War Was Won tells the story of a nation trying to get back to its feet, and back to as normal a life as possible.