About Antiques Roadshow

For over 20 years, Antiques Roadshow has attracted huge audiences and become a television institution in the UK


Join Michael Aspel and his team of experts as they scrutinise the nations hoard of old antiques in Antiques Roadshow.

You'll find lots of expert insights and advice into paintings, jewellery, furniture and other objects as viewers and antiques lovers flock to a different destination in every show.

Presenter Fiona Bruce with art expert Philip Mould, Althorp

Presenter Fiona Bruce with art expert Philip Mould, Althorp

In the first series, Michael and the team visit Portmerion, where some of the treasures brought to the table include some of the most intricate mosaics ever seen on the show, items made by prisoners of war as gifts of thanks to local people and a penknife valued at £1,500.

Other places visited in the series include Haltwhistle (where a letter from JRR Tolkien disclosing the thinking behind The Lord Of The Rings is featured, along with original fittings from the Titanic's sister ship, the Olympic), Hastings (where a Meissan pot is valued at £10,000), Witley Court, Rotherham and a two-part special from Hampton Court