About Armada - The Untold Story

This three-part series examines the infamous invasion by Spain's fearsome Armada fleet, and asks how different life could have been if England had lost.

Armada - The Untold Story

When Elizabeth I ascended to the English throne in 1558, she rejected Philip II, Emperor of Spain, as a suitor. Thirty years later, he would lead a huge invasion force against her, seeking to depose Elizabeth and bring Protestant England back into the Catholic fold. Armada - The Untold Story learns that it was a decision that would define them both, and change the future course of their respective countries.

With exclusive access to a cache of 3,000 documents, including some written by Philip himself, this series journeys from the royal corridors of power, where two frail, aging monarchs fought hard to maintain control to the brutal reality of war and its tragic aftermath, offering fresh insight into a pivotal moment in European history.

Presented by Dan Snow and featuring Anita Dobson as Elizabeth I, Armada: The Untold Story is a thrilling history series which mixes revealing documentary with vivid dramatic reconstructions and visceral in-the-moment battle scenes, brought to life with state-of-the art CGI to bring the key events of 1588 to life as never before.