4 Amazing Autos To Look Out For In Bangers and Cash

Auctioneering dynasty the Mathewsons are back for a new series of Bangers and Cash, and there are some rather special vintage vehicles for petrolheads to ogle. Here are just some to get your engines revving.

Mini Moke


The Mathewsons live for cult classic cars, and one of the all-time cultiest turns up in this series: the Mini Moke. A clue to its remarkable heritage is in the name, as this quirky, buggy-type vehicle was designed by none other than Sir Alec Issigonis, the genius behind the Mini. One of his other big brainchilds, the Moke was actually created with the military in mind - the idea being that soldiers could air-drop it into action by parachute. But it was not to be, as various factors to do with the size of its wheels and ground clearance meant it was snubbed by the military bigwigs.

But that wasn't the end of the road for the Mini Moke. Its makers decided to cunningly re-market the vehicle for the civilian leisure market, and it soon bagged a starring role in psychedelic 60s TV series The Prisoner, which featured Patrick McGoohan as a spy who's abducted and taken to a sinister community called the Village. Those Jeep-type cars driving around the Village? Mokes. The vehicle also became a familiar sight in holiday locations around the world, thanks to its widespread use as a beach buggy - and a favourite set of wheels for big screen superstar Brigitte Bardot, no less. But never mind Bardot, the Moke has really hit the big time now that it's turned up on Bangers and Cash...


Some motors have quirky appeal, some are obscure classics known only to serious car geeks, while some... some are just out-and-out icons. A prime example is the Jaguar E-Type, which none other than Enzo Ferrari dubbed "the most beautiful car ever made" (which probably stung a bit to admit). With its sleek, sweeping, surging, elongated shape, which makes the car look like it's poised to enter warp speed even when it's parked on a curb, the E-type is a true slice of 60s glamour on four wheels.

Celebrities naturally flocked to the super-sexy car, with the likes of George Best and George Harrison owning E-Types. And it wasn't just famous civilians who got behind the wheel; the E-Type also proved its worth in the trenches of motor racing, its performance put to the test by Jackie Stewart and Graham Hill. One of the secrets to the E-Type's charm was its relative affordability, at least compared to Ferraris and other supercars. It was the car equivalent of a painfully attractive person who should be completely out of your league, but somehow... inexplicably... wants to get to know you. If only the rest of life was as good as the Jaguar E-Type.


Bangers and Cash isn't just about stupendous supercars and eccentric, half-forgotten gems. The boys also have a lot of time for cars that ostensibly deeply cool, but still absolutely cool in their own unlikely way. Incognito cool, you might say. A case in point is the Ford Fiesta XR2, a car which we're going to go out on a limb here and say Brigitte Bardot probably never owned. But... BUT... it's still a huge hit with petrolheads, as the Mathewsons prove when an impeccably restored example of the 80s classic sets bidders buzzing.

The Fiesta XR2 is pure fun on wheels - after all, it's a prime example of a "hot hatch", which is another way of saying a hatchback with a souped-up engine. With its angular, boxy look, it couldn't be more 80s if it had shoulderpads and a perm, and it also feels undeniably flimsy when you're driving it. Compared to today's urban tanks, kitted out with enough safety features to make you feel like you could comfortably go for a spin around a minefield, the XR2 feels like it's been cobbled together from plywood and tinfoil. But therein lies the appeal for old school petrolheads, who feel a long-lost frisson of danger when they take it for a drive on today's roads. It doesn't matter if it's you or your nan: EVERYONE is instantly a boy racer when they get behind the wheel of this one.


With their fluorescent paint jobs and sporty, high-tech look, police cars today look so formidable that you half-expect them to be able to transform into walking robots. But true car aficionados will always relish the charm of the old Morris Minor Panda, which became the favoured A-to-B device for the British bobby in the 1960s and 70s.

With their curvy, voluptuous façade, it looks downright cuddly compared to the kitted-up speedsters which today's coppers drive around. Should a police car really look this sweet? Very likely not, although it would make being arrested slightly less distressing if you were bundled into the back of one of these adorable automobiles. Derek Mathewson is certainly excited to get his hands on one in Bangers and Cash, rescuing the clapped-out cutie from an old garage. It's done its time, now it's ready to get reintegrated into the community...