About Battle Factory

This brand new and exclusive series takes a closer look at how some the most iconic instruments of combat are made.

Battle Factory

Battle Factory takes us into the hidden world of military factories all over the world - where raw materials become finished products.

In each episode, we'll see how precisely engineered items designed to survive battlefield conditions are manufactured. From the tiniest bolt to the most destructive machine gun to the biggest warship, there are no margins for error when human lives are at stake.

The series explores how many of the critical objects or products the troops use every day are constructed. These are things that we seldom think about but that our troops rely on all the time - in theatre, in training and in camp. From tanks to guns, tents to binoculars and uniforms to food rations Battle Factory offers viewers a first-hand look at how these objects - both deceptively simple and incredibly high-tech - are constructed.