Blackadder's History Season

From Monday 10th April to Friday 21st April we're showing every episode of Blackadder, plus hand-picked episodes of Time Team, documentaries about the four Blackadder eras and exclusive clips of John and Tony discussing Blackadder.

Tony and John

Tony Robinson and John Lloyd discussing Blackadder.

Sir Tony Robinson, AKA Baldrick and host of Time Team, together with Blackadder Producer and QI creator John Lloyd talk EXCLUSIVELY with Yesterday about putting the sitcom's great dynasty in the context of real history.

For twelve days from Monday 10th April, episodes of Blackadder will be paired with documentaries about the four eras; The Middle Ages, Elizabethan Britain, The Regency Period and the First World War. Tony and John will then introduce episodes of Blackadder, chatting about the inception, legacy and stories behind Blackadder, as well as putting the iconic sitcom into real history.

Every night from 7pm, there'll be hand-picked episode of Time Team from the four eras, followed at 8pm by hour-long documentaries including channel premieres The Man Who Killed Richard III, The Underground War and 'Games on the Battlefield.' At 9pm, John and Tony introduce two-hours of Blackadder episodes, featuring all 4 series, Blackadder's Christmas Carol, Blackadder Back and Forth and documentaries Blackadder: The Whole Rotten Saga, Blackadder: Most Cunning Moments and Blackadder Rides Again. Each evening finishes at 11pm with another chance to see the 8pm documentaries, which also include Elegance and Decadence: The Age of the Regency, David Starkey's Monarchy and Instruments of Torture.

This unique stunt gives a whole new light to one of the greatest sitcoms ever written. And the stunt can also be seen on UKTV Play, where there are four further exclusive discussions between Sir Tony and John.