What Would the Mona Lisa, Rembrandt, Raphael and The Blue Boy Looked Like as Photos?

We see what they would have looked in real life for the very first time...

The Blue Boy, Rembrandt, Raphael and the Mona Lisa

Rembrandt, Raphael, Mona Lisa and The Blue Boy have all been rendered as photorealistic portraits in a new digital art project, which shows how some of the most famous painters and paintings in history would have looked if they had modern camera technology at their disposal.

The images of the Mona Lisa and The Blue Boy, and the self-portraits by grandmasters Rembrandt and Raphael used a complex combination of skilled photography and styling of models as well as digital manipulation.

Each of the portraits was first painstakingly photographed using a lookalike model with styling and makeup to match the original painting, before final touches were made by a digital artist to create the best recreation of the iconic compositions - each taking a total of 36 hours to complete.

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The creative team, led by the UK's leading digital artist Quentin Devine and including a photographer, stylist and makeup artist, worked together to transform the four models into their classical painting counterparts - revealing to the public what the subject of these portraits would have looked like in real life. The team focussed on matching the styling, lighting, textures and overall composition of the paintings to produce the most detailed match of the original painting as possible, while staying true to a realistic photograph.

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