About The Curse of the Ice Mummy

Curse of the Mummy investigates the haunting tragedy that followed the discovery of the world's oldest naturally-preserved mummy


In 1991, a body was found frozen in the ice high in the Alps. It was the oldest naturally preserved mummy ever found and created a media sensation. The corpse was even given a name, Oetzi. But when a seventh person linked to Oetzi died, rumours of a curse began to circulate.

The number of people who died, the eerie manner of their deaths, and the grizzly fate of the mummy itself made it a story that would unsettle even the most cynical observer. Was Oetzi avenging those who had treated him with a lack of respect?

His 'victims' included the man who discovered the body, the forensic examiner who was criticised for his disrespectful removal of the body from the ice, and the head of pre-history at the University of Innsbruck, whose handling of the examination of the remains proved controversial.

But could a 4,000-year-old mummy really be responsible for so many deaths?

This chilling documentary separates fact from fiction, exploring the bizarre sequence of death, violence and tragedy that followed Oetzi's discovery.