About Digging For Britain

Dr Alice Roberts tears up our understanding of when humans first lived in the UK and sifts through Shakespeare's rubbish in the groundbreaking series Digging for Britain

Dr Alice Roberts

Joining up the results of digs and investigations throughout the length of the country Alice reveals some astonishing results that are sometimes disturbing.

Episode 1 - The Romans

Roman finds include the mystery of 97 babies murdered beside the Thames, a fabulous Roman coin hoard found in Somerset and a man buried on top of a layer of dead animals.

Episode 2 - Prehistory

Humans are found to have lived in Britain earlier than previously thought when tools are unearthed in Norfolk, while some of our ancestors' customs are revealed at a dig in Orkney.

Episode 3 - Anglo-Saxons

Dr Alice Roberts visits Northumberland and Sittingbourne as she continues her year-long tour. Skeletons unearthed in Bamburgh tell of both violent death and tenderness.

Episode 4 - The Tudors

Exciting excavations. Dr Alice Roberts pays tribute to the Bard, visiting Shakespeare's first theatre in London's Shoreditch and sifting through the poet's rubbish!