About Forbidden History

This brand new and exclusive tells true, incredible stories from the annals of history about great treasures, long-held conspiracy theories, ancient relics, lost civilisations and war-time secrets.

Forbidden History

The establishment doesn’t like it when new evidence brings into serious question received wisdom and questions concepts that have been accepted as fact for decades and centuries.


Over the years extraordinary stories have been buried or suppressed, and brave people who have attempted to tell the truth have been hindered or condemned or both. Until now.

Hosted by Jamie Theakston, Forbidden History attempts to get to the very heart of what we think we know, scrutinising, considering, investigating and analysing along the way.

Series 1

With stories like The Lost Treasure of The Templars, The Bloodline of Christ, The Treasure of Solomon, Jamie and his team of researchers with look to smash myths and uncover truths that have been buried for centuries.

Jamie Theakston puts Faraday theory to the test.

Jamie Theakston puts Faraday theory to the test.

Series 2

Jamie Theakston continues his quest in an all-new second series as he investigates conspiracy theories such as the lost treasures of Petra, whether the Holy Grail really does exist and were the Nazis really building a UFO that could have won them the war?

This series see Jamie and his team work hard to find the bottom of these mysteries and uncover the truth in them.