About Great British Ghosts Halloween Special

Michaela Strachan returns for a one-off Halloween special of the paranormal series Great British Ghosts which mixes history and ghosts into a devilish concoction

Michaela Strachan

Over the course of two spine-tingling series, Michaela has travelled up and down the country visiting not only some of the oldest buildings in Britain, but also some of the most haunted. From inns and prisons to theatres and castles, Michaela heard stories of characters and events through the ages, and details of how some of them are thought to still inhabit their surroundings.

In this Halloween special, Michaela travels to Carnfield Hall in Alfreton, Derbyshire to explore a house that dates back to the 15th century. All manner of unexplained noises, thumps and doors shutting have been heard through the ages, as well as harpsichord music. Another ghost is said to be that of Robert Revell, the Squire of Carnfield in the 1700s, who was said to have been murdered in his bed by two servants.

With a rich history, the house has seen eras from Mary Queen Of Scots and the English Civil War through to Georgian and Victorian times. Michaela has all the ingredients to make this a Halloween to remember.