About Great British Ghosts Series 1

The long and sometimes bloody history of the UK is awash with tales of ghosts and ghouls, brought to life in the first series of Michaela Strachan's Great British Ghosts

Michaela Strachan

Michaela travels the UK to hear terrifying tales of the nation's haunted buildings

Headless horsemen riding through the courtyards of coaching inns in the early hours, ghostly spectres walking down corridors, and the eerie creak of the hangman's noose echoing around a ruined castle have, if reports are to be believed, been heard in historic buildings all over the country throughout the centuries.

In Great British Ghosts, Michaela Strachan travels across the UK to explore and bring to life the history and stories behind some of the most haunted locations in the country.

Each show will feature two different haunted locations, as Michaela gives us the spooky lowdown on haunted pubs, stately homes, coaching inns and castles in places like Cornwall, the Midlands, the New Forest and Sussex.

To help tell each story, Michaela will be joined by the publicans, hoteliers, and owners of the various properties, as well as local historians, priests, psychics, and paranormal researchers to help explain the haunted activity. Where were the ghosts seen and heard? Who were they? And what happened?

From the headless corpse at the Ancient Ram Inn in Wotton Under Edge in Gloucestershire and the hanging monks at Michelham Priory in Sussex, to the infamous witches at Lancaster Castle, and the poltergeists at the Creaky Cauldron in Stratford Upon Avon, Great British Ghosts is on the trail of some of the country's best known and most frequently seen apparitions.