About Great British Ghosts Series 2

Michaela Strachan explores more of the country's mysterious folklore, haunted historical buildings and enduring ghost stories to find out what's really going bump in the night

Michaela Strachan

Michaela Strachan heads to inns, ancient buildings and gaols in her hauntingly good second series

Thanks to its long history, Britain is famed for having some of the most haunted locations in Europe. Steeped in stories, controversy and drama, it's up to Michaela once again to investigate the paranormal goings on at some of the country's most notoriously spooky sites.

In each episode Michaela visits two different haunted hot spots, where she interviews owners, staff and paranormal researchers eager to tell their stories of bizarre encounters and supernatural sightings.

Episode 1

In episode one, Michaela takes tours of Berkeley Castle and The George and Pilgrims Hotel in Glastonbury.

Episode 2

In episode two, a small cottage in Essex with reports of bloodied floors and wall-scratching might just be Britain’s scariest house and Michaela also checks out a spooky coaching inn.

Episode 3

Michaela visits The Lion & Swan coaching inn in Cheshire, which dates as far back as 1496. Then it’s off to Lancashire, where Michaela investigates the Pendle Hill Witch Trials of 1612, where nine women were accused of meeting on the hill to use sorcery to kill 17 local men.

Episode 4

Michaela visits St Briavels Castle in Chepstow, which has been an important fortification on the border with Wales since the late 12th century. It’s had a violent and turbulent history and is said to be brimming of ghosts. Michaela then stops off at The New Inn in Pwllmeyric. Folklore tells of a dark tale of a mother and daughter being hanged on a nearby tree for their alleged dabbling in witchcraft, and it’s said they said to haunt the old pub and the surrounding area.

Episode 5

Michaela visits The Grand Theatre in Blackpool that has been home to all manner of variety shows for over a century. It’s said that the ghostly presence that has been reported by staff and audience members was an audience member who threw himself off the balcony into the stalls after being rejected by an actress. Michaela then moves onto the Pleasure Beach, where two of its rides are said to be haunted. The Ghost Train is said to be home to Cloggy, a deceased man who used to work on the ride and now likes to run his hand through customers’ hair and blow in their ears.

Episode 6

We visit The Angel Hotel in Coleford, Gloucestershire, which claims to be the oldest pub in the area and dates back to 1650s. Ghostly tales have surrounded it for centuries and Michaela investigates ghost sightings and other paranormal experiences. In the second episode of the evening, there’s a short trip over to Clearwell Caves in Coleford. An underground network that stretches under the Forest of Dean, visitors have reported sightings of ghosts and experiencing strange things…

Episode 7

It's up to Derby, where Michaela visits Derby Gaol, once used to house a variety of criminals in the mid-18th century, it now has a reputation as one of the most haunted places in the UK. She then travels to The Guildhall Tunnels, which have been used as storage for smugglers, jail cells and even a bomb shelter during World War II.

Episode 8

We join Michaela Hall I' th' Wood in Bolton, a 16th century manor house hidden away inside a housing estate which according to reports, is packed with ghosts. Then it's off to the city's Smithills Hall, which dates back to the 15th century. Now a museum, staff have reported that faces have appeared in the mirrors, slamming doors and even glasses being turned upside down.

Episode 9

The Ram Inn, in Gloucestershire, is believed to date back to the 14th century and over the years visitors have reported all manner of ghosts, demons and poltergeists haunting the ancient guesthouse. Next, Michaela is off to The Ragged Cot Inn in nearby Stroud. A coaching inn since the 17th century, its most famous ghost story revolves around the exploits of a former landlord turned highwayman called Bill Clavers who killed his wife and child on the way to robbing a stagecoach.

Episode 10 Michaela visits The Four Crosses in Staffordshire, which has had dozens of reports of ghostly apparitions, and other phenomena over the years. We also join the presenter as she explores a manor house in the Black Country, a 12th century house with more paranormal stories than you can shake a Ghostbuster at.

Episode 11

Michaela travels to Ludlow and The Feathers Hotel. It boasts a world-famous timber façade and was built during the reign of King James I in the 17th century. It's said to be one of the scariest places to stay in the country. Then it's on to The Prince Rupert Hotel in Shrewsbury, where, in one of the bedrooms, the pillows disappeared and found on the other side of the room.

Episode 12

Michaela goes to the The Sun Inn, Ribble Velley, which claims to be the most haunted pub in Lancashire thanks to the ghost of Lizzie Dean, a scullery maid who committed suicide in the pub's attic in 1935. Then it's on to Samlesbury Hall in Preston, where Lady Dorothy Southworth - known as the White Lady - is said to roam the house and grounds, even venturing out into the main road.

Michaela outside Smithills Hall where a mischevious spirit is said to pinch staff and visitors bottoms

Michaela outside Smithills Hall where a mischevious spirit is said to pinch staff and visitors bottoms