Great British Ghost Series 1 Tour

Feeling brave? Follow in Michaela's footsteps and go on your own Great British Ghosts tour - we've got all the places featured in the show right here.

Haunted house

Episode One

In the first part of the episode, Michaela is in Sussex and visits the Mermaid Inn in Rye, one of the oldest, and reputedly most haunted, inns in Britain. Having toured the Mermaid Inn, it's then off to the cells and tower of the Old Town Gaol in Rye to learn about its own haunted history. In the second half of this show, Michaela travels to Hailsham in Sussex to visit Michelham Priory, a moated medieval building with centuries of haunted history.

Episode Two

Michaela visits Gloucester in episode two to discover a real hidden gem, tucked away between the shops in the High Street - The New Inn Hotel. Over the last ten years there have been more than 100 reported ghost sightings and paranormal events in the hotel making it one of the most active places in the UK. Later in the episode, Michaela visits the beautiful Chavenage House in Tetbury, a family home, visited by Oliver Cromwell during the Civil War. The most famous haunting at Chavenage occurred out in the driveway. It was said that one night, back in the mid 17th century, a headless coachman drove up the main door and carried off the body of the house's then owner.

Episode Three

Michaela is in the heart of the historic Cotswold country and in part one she visits Woodchester Mansion, a Victorian gothic style manor house, near Nympsfield in Gloucestershire. Ghosts which have been seen and experienced include footage of a monk wandering through the chapel, a Canadian airman caught on camera in the old morgue and a 'Gollum'-type 'elemental spirit' down in the cellars. Next, Michaela visits the village of Prestbury, near Cheltenham, said to be the most haunted village in all of England. The local residents reckon that there are currently over a dozen active ghosts in the village, including a headless horseman riding down the high street, a white lady and the hooded figure of a black abbot in the churchyard.

Episode Four

Dating back to the 15th Century and steeped in history, the Red Lion Hotel in Colchester, Essex, is the first port of call in episode four. It is said to be haunted by more than three different ghosts, including a former chambermaid, Alice Katherine Miller, who was murdered there back in 1638. Michaela then heads to a relic of the Cold War, the Kelvedon Hatch Nuclear Bunker, built in 1952 to act as an underground home for the British Government in the event of a nuclear attack. It's an eerie place, and not surprisingly it's abandoned dormitories, control rooms and tunnels have become something of a magnet for paranormal activity.

Episode Five

Michaela starts off with a visit to the notorious Galleries of Justice in the centre of Nottingham. The current, imposing building was used as a courthouse and jail since 1780, and over the last 230 years, hundreds of prisoners were executed there. Not surprisingly, it's believed to be one of the most haunted locations in Britain. Next, Michaela's in London to visit a historic pub from the time of Charles Dickens and Oliver Twist. The Viaduct Tavern is one of the last examples of an old Victorian gin palace left in the city. Just across the road from the Old Bailey Courthouse and the execution gallows, it is reputed to have been the overflow cells of the debtors prisons.

Episode Six

Michaela heads to the infamous Hellfire Caves in West Wycombe Park, Buckinghamshire. Built by Sir Francis Dashwood in the 18th century, the caves played host to an aristocratic society called the Hellfire Club, made up of some of the most powerful men of the day, who were rumoured to have practiced all manner of black magic and satanic worship up there. Next, Michaela visits the historic Ostrich Inn, near Slough. Packed with grisly history and stories of murderous landlords, the Inn was also situated on the popular London to Bath road and found itself a favourite hang-out of highwaymen and robbers.

Episode Seven

In this episode, Michaela visits the ancient market town of Devizes in Wiltshire. First she visits the Black Swan, an 18th century coaching inn right in the heart of the town. The Black Swan was built in 1732 but its cellars date back to the 1600s when it was owned by a notorious highwayman whose ghost is said to still haunt the cellars. Next, Michaela goes on a haunted tour of Devizes, visiting the infamous St Mary's Walk graveyard and the Old town Gaol.

Episode Eight

Michaela visits the historic Grenadier, a tiny pub with a colourful history, tucked away in the cobbled streets of London's Belgravia. It was once used as the officers mess of a nearby army barracks and is said to be haunted by the ghost of a young officer who met a sticky end in its cellars. In part two, Michaela meets up with London historian Richard Jones and follows in the footsteps of thousands of tourists who go on ghost tours around London. Setting off from the historic Smithfield Meat Market, they first visit the execution site of 'Braveheart' William Wallace. They then move to the haunted elevator of Bartholomew's Hospital, before heading on to the infamous Ghost Lady of Cripplegate