About History Cold Case

World famous anthropologist Dr Sue Black uses modern technology to examine ancient skeletons and artefacts and uncovers groundbreaking discoveries about the past

History Cold Case

The landmark series, History Cold Case, sees millennia-old mysteries solved and history retold thanks to the hi-tech work of world-renowned forensic scientist Dr Sue Black.

Sue and her team analyse skeletons, weapons and objects used by our ancestors in staggering detail, and open new windows on the history of our forebears.

With cutting edge forensic tests the team unlocks the secrets of the bones and sets out on the history trail to reveal who these people were and what they looked like. Using the very latest computer technology Dr Caroline Wilkinson reconstructs the faces of each cold case - faces that haven't been seen for centuries.

Dr Sue Black was named one of the 100 most powerful women in the world by BBC Radio 4

In the first episode, the contorted and mummified body of a child takes the team back 300 years to a time when corpses were displayed in exotic collections, and dead children were bought and paid for by the inch. In episode two, at Scotland's Stirling Castle a romantic story of chivalry and brutality unfolds as the team traces the life and times of a battle worn warrior.

A tragically scarred skeleton exhumed in the historic borough of Southwark draw our team into the disturbing world of Victorian prostitution in the third episode. And investigating a skeleton found in the cemetery of a medieval friary, the team make an extraordinary discovery about its origins that could rewrite the history books.

Four extraordinary stories that bring history and science together to forge a new understanding of our past in History Cold Case.