Christmas Around The World

Christmas is celebrated in a wide variety of ways around the world.

Christmas Around The World


The Swedes enjoy a very festive Christmas with a good chance of snow in their bitter winter. On the day they celebrate with a smelly smorgasbord of caviar, shellfish, cooked and raw fish.

Czech Republic

The Czech Republic likes to keep Christmas strict with the tree is only lit on Christmas Eve, a tradition that was common throughout the world until recently.

Christmas in Mexico

Christmas in Mexico


Mexican Christmas festivities include smashing up a sweet-filled pinata among other traditions that are only found in Mexico. The lack of snow in the desert leads to some beautiful light decorations.


In Catalonia statuettes called caganers can be found defecating in otherwise normal nativity scenes.


In Japan red is tradionally associated with death, so is mostly avoided in relation to Christmas. The Japanese Santa Claus is called "Santa Kurohsu" and has eyes in the back of his head to keep an eye on naughty children.


Like the Swedes, Jamaicans steer away from turkey or ham - the traditional Christmas dinner in Jamaica is a feast of curried goat.


Rather than a single mound of food as is common in the UK, in Italy Christmas dinner often includes 7 or more courses! This could explain how Santa Clause got those curves? He must be Italian.


The Poles keep Christmas running throughout the year. They rustle up 12 vegetarian dishes on Christmas Eve for each month of the coming year!