Princes in the Tower

The story of the Princes in the Tower is one of this country's most popular mysteries. Their tragic tale has endured for many centuries, proving that the British public have always loved a royal scandal!

Tower of London

In 1674 of the skeletons of two young boys were uncovered buried under a staircase in part of the Tower of London. This discovery caused a ripple of excitement among the British public as the bones were immediately believed to be the remains of two princes rumoured to have been murdered in the Tower of London in the 15th Century.


To best understand the climate in which the two princes were born it is important to know that Medieval England was in the midst of civil war, known as The Wars of the Roses.

This series of conflicts fought over the throne of England were between adherents of the House of Lancaster and the House of York. Ironically both houses were branches of the same Plantagenet royal house, sharing as they did descent from King Edward III.

Both houses however believed they had sole right to rule England and so engaged in bloody conflict from 1455 until 1489 when Lancastrian-supported Henry Tudor finally defeated Yorkist King Richard III to become the Henry VII, securing the Tudor dynasty on the throne.

It is in this setting of treachery and bloodshed that the two princes were born. Any person born who might pose a threat to opposition vying for the throne would automatically be at risk of being assassinated. So who were they, and where did they fit in this civil war?