Historical Figures: Bonnie & Clyde

Bonnie and Clyde. Two of the most famous outlaws to ever exist, certainly the most famous outlaw couple ever. they, along with their gang, travelled American during the Great Depression committing various crimes.


Bonnie Elizabeth Parker, born October 1st 1910, and Clyde Chesnut Barrow, born March 24th 1909, were two well known American outlaws going by the widely popular name Bonnie and Clyde. Both were born in texas in the early 1900's and met in 1930, at the house of a mutual friend. It was love at first sight, and this is the reason why they became a duo, awaiting their inevitable deaths.

In the early 1930's they put together a gang, including, at times, the likkes of Ross Dyer, Ray Hamilton and W. D. Jones. The gang performed a number of small jobs, and committed five murders between April 1932 and January 1933.

In March 1933 Clyde's brother buck got out of prison and, after him and his wife spending a number of days with, Bonnie, Clyde and Jones in an apartment, the whole group was ambushed by police. They got away and killed two more lawmen, but left behind a number of documents, weapons and undeveloped photos which the police later found. The group became known as the Barrow gang, with three Barrows in it, and became front page news.

They travelled America, holding up strores and robbing banks, all the while attracting attention to themselves. Buck and Blanche Barrow were badly wounded in one close escape for Bonnie and Clyde and the married couple were arrested, with Buck dying 5 days later. On parting with Bonnie and Clyde, W.D. Jones was also arrested in Houston.

At 9:15am on May 23rd, 1934, Captain Frank Hamer and his posse of deputies, set up an ambush on Louisiana State Highway 154. As the car containing Bonnie and Clyde passed, the lawmen opened fire with automatic rifles, followed by shotguns, and then pistols. A combined total of 130 rounds was emptied into the car, killing the outlaw couple within seconds.