About Hitler's Bodyguards

Hitler's Bodyguards is a never-before-seen insight into the men that blocked attempt after attempt to assassinate Hitler over a quarter of a century

Hitler's Bodyguard picture

For the first time thanks to previously unseen SS records and images, this series provides a unique insight into the men that guarded Hitler and explores one of the most enduring and unanswered questions surviving from World War II – why, in 25 years, did no-one manage to kill Adolf Hitler?

Causing the deaths of 50 million people, Adolf Hitler became one of the 20th century’s most iconic hate figures. Despised by those he persecuted, and even by some of his own commanders, Hitler’s life was constantly in danger as he spread his tyranny throughout Europe. As he developed from shock politician to supreme leader of Nazi Germany, he collected a long list of enemies along the way.

Protecting Hitler was one of the world’s toughest jobs. During his time in power he survived over 40 attempts on his life thanks to his fearless bodyguards.

These included perhaps his closest and most trusted bodyguard Bruno Gesche, a tough street fighter. In return, Hitler repaid Gesche by promoting him to his personal bodyguard crew and this rock-solid inner circle repelled assassination attempt after assassination attempt.

The series, narrated by Robert Powell, looks in greater detail at these plots, from Hitler’s early political career where he knew he was a marked man to the infamous Stauffenberg plot. Hitler’s Bodyguard also reveals why Churchill and Roosevelt did nothing to directly harm him or try to assassinate him.