Roy Demeo - Mafia's Greatest Hits

Roy Demeo - Mafia's Greatest Hits

Roy DeMeo was the Mafia's most bloodthirsty killer. He embarked, unchecked, on a descent into the depths of hell on a bloody homicidal spree. He turned into a savage mass murderer, killing as many as 200 people.

DeMeo's favoured method of murder was what he called "the Gemini Method". Victims were invited to The Gemini Lounge, a restaurant that he owned where they were led into a room lined entirely with black bin liners. There they were beheaded and cut up.

Killing gave him such pleasure that he was gradually turned from a small-time thug into a fully-fledged serial killer, obsessed with ritualistic murders.

The only question is, with headless bodies appearing all over New York, why didn't the authorities stop him? Surely the FBI could have spotted the danger sooner. If so, could this Mafia killer have been stopped in time?

The answer to that question, it seems, is that he had so many victims that at first no one could see a pattern. What did this odd collection of chopped up petty criminals, car thieves and small timers have in common - apart from the fact that they were in pieces? And what would becomed of the Mobster Murderer?