About Nazi Hunters

Nazi Hunters is the story of a team who spent years seeking out second world war criminals to bring retribution for the world

Nazi Hunters

Churchill, the SAS and the strategists who planned the D-Day landings all worked to track down the criminals

Nazi Hunters is a 13-part series which tells the tale of a tenacious group of people who have painstakingly hunted down some of the most hated and reviled people in history.

After the list of atrocities was compiled and the names of the perpetrators were circulated, the work to hunt them down began in earnest.

The Nazi Hunters were chasing men whose war crimes were so horrendous that they demanded retribution from the whole world. And there was no shortage of people prepared to pursue the perpetrators until justice was done – from Churchill "See more on Sir Winston Churchill") and the SAS to the strategists who planned the D-Day landings and Mossad.

These stories of pursuit reveal the secret plot involving a future president of Israel and a famous poet to poison six million Germans; how the most famous Nazi hunter of them all took the credit for a capture that he had nothing to do with; how the SAS took the law into their own hands to get their revenge; and how one of the most infamous Nazi hunts ended with controversy over a skull buried under a Berlin railway station.

These incredible stories take a trip into a disturbing, secret world, where morality is sometimes lost and motives are complex. And, in a final twist, we’ll see how the men chasing the war criminals resorted to methods that, when revealed, would horrify their own supporters.