About Nuremberg

Nuremberg is a historical drama about the Nuremberg trials that saw German officers hauled into the dock to stand trial for war crimes and atrocities


Starring Alec Baldwin, Brian Cox, Christopher Plummer and Charlotte Gainsbourg, this stunning drama examines the international tribunal that assembled in war-torn Nuremberg, Germany following World War II to try notorious German officers for war crimes and atrocities.

Ben Cross as Rudolf Hess

Ben Cross as Rudolf Hess

Led by American Justice Robert Jackson (Baldwin), the assembled team must first put together the courtroom, then question captured Nazis to determine who should be tried, and ultimately select 21 individuals to stand trial.

Initially opposed to execution, Jackson became more accepting of the sentence as he learned of the severity of the heinous acts that occurred. The 21 Nazis, led by Hitler's second-in-command, Hermann Göring, try to take control of the courtroom. However, their bravado fails as the graphic films show the heinous acts that had occurred.

Based on transcripts from the actual hearings, this is required viewing, elevating the usual courtroom drama to new levels of tension.