About Perfect Storms

The Perfect Storm team travel around the world and back in time to investigate the biggest and most significant disasters in history


Perfect Storms travels across the globe and back and forth in time to investigate the biggest and most significant disasters of all time, and those that have shaped the course of history. The six-part series uses cutting-edge animation, field-testing and dramatic storytelling to bring to life these terrifying natural disasters and tell the full story of how they decimated civilisations and changed the world forever.

Hitler's Frozen Army

Hitler's Frozen Army

Earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes and firestorms have all blighted humanity from the beginning of time, coming from nowhere to serve very powerful reminders that nature rules. In their aftermaths, civilisations had to rebuild… and take a different course.

Key questions in history spawned by natural disasters include: What if the Nazi army hadn’t frozen to death in Russia in 1941? Would Hitler’s men have been powerful enough to defeat England? If there wasn’t a massive earthquake in Japan in 1923, would the military have gained control? Would Japan have ever entered World War II? Would this mean the atomic bomb wasn’t invented and dropped on Hiroshima?

These questions and more are explored in this stunning and explosive series.