About Planets

This landmark eight-part series journeys deep into the stars to document our solar system and its nature, formation, and discovery by humans during the space age.


With archive footage from both the United States and Soviet space programs, The Planets uses CGI to bring interstellar phenomena to stunning, TV-bursting life.

The series, narrated by Samuel West, starts with 'Different Worlds', which details space travel and exploration, while 'Terra Firma' looks at missions from Earth to neighbouring planets. 'Giants' investigates the larger planets in our solar system, and 'Moon' studies Earth's satellite.

'Star' offers fresh perspective on the sun, while 'Atmosphere' provides a journey through the skies of the solar system. 'Life' takes a look at robotic explorations of other worlds, and finally in 'Destiny' the question of how the planets will evolve over the next four billion years is investigated.