Griff Rhys Jones Profile

Griff Rhys Jones was born on the 16th November, 1953, in Cardiff, Wales. He attended Cambridge where he quickly became a big noise in Footlights, following a stint shepherding teenage Canadians aboard a P&O ferry for his gap year.

Griff Rhys Jones

Having been to school with fellow wit-in-waiting Douglas Adams, Griff went to Cambridge University, where he joined Footlights, where many a comedian and actor cut their teeth.

After Cambridge, Griff moved into a career in TV, but his ambitions lay behind the scenes rather than in front of the camera at first, landing a gig as a producer for Frankie Howerd after going to watch the show, penned by his mates Rory McGrath and Clive Anderson, only to discover the current producer had had his fill of being told not to titter.

Griff's big telly break came when he became a regular on the groundbreaking Not The Nine O'Clock News, forging a partnership with fellow star Mel Smith. The pair went on to become a splendid double act, nattering and chewing the comedic fat to our, and their, delight. The pair had plenty to laugh about too, having founded their TalkBack productions, which went onto become an uber success, netting them over £60 million when it was sold in 2003.

Griff on Who Do You Think You Are

Griff on Who Do You Think You Are

Griff's a master of all trades, fronting brainy shows like Bookworm, revealing documentaries about his propensity for going a bit red-faced and shouty like Losing It or straight-up acting in shows like Casualty and Mine All Mine. The best examples of Griff's quirky humour, ready wit, love of the great outdoors and impressive black book are his Three Men In A Boat shows, where himself, Dara O'Briain and Rory McGrath giddily tit about on water and ponder the big questions in the most charmingly amusing way possible. Let's just hope no one makes Griff angry with those oars close to hand. He has also appeared on the genealogy series Who Do You Think You Are?

More recently, Griff has moved into presenting travel and adventure programmes with Mountain, Rivers with Griff Rhys Jones and Britain's Lost Routes with Griff Rhys Jones.