About Professor Hutton's Curiosities

Explore and examine the astonishing artifacts locked away in the UK's little known museums in Professor Hutton's Curiosities

Professor Hutton's Curiosities

Britain has a rich history of museums, but there are many full of history and curious objects that are not so well so known. Most of these ‘secret’ Museums are housed in small buildings, tucked away from the mainstream in hidden corners of our cities.

The brand new and exclusive 12-part series takes viewers on a journey with enthusiastic academic and historian, Professor Ronald Hutton, to the unsung gems of British museums. Each episode features a different museum that is bursting with little known history.

Professor Hutton inside Dennis Severs' House, a museum of a

Professor Hutton inside Dennis Severs' House, a museum of a "still-life drama" or "historical imagination" of what life would have been like inside for a family of Huguenot silk weavers

Professor Hutton visits little known places all over the country, including the Magic Circle museum; the Grant museum of Zoology, which houses a fascinating and macabre Victorian skeletons and remains in jars; Pollock’s Toy museum; and Egyptian mummies inside the Petrie Museum.