About Raiders of the Lost Past

The series that travels back in time to track down history's fearless explorers who spent their lives on the trail of some of the world's most elusive lost treasures.

Raiders of the Lost Past

How much would you risk in order to find treasures that had been hidden for millennia? For this new and exclusive series Yesterday goes back to the golden age of treasure hunting to explore who these enigmatic, intrepid and driven explorers were and how they put everything on the line to find gleaming objects of yore.

Some of the coveted objects were said to have magical powers, some were desperately sought by government leaders and some were even said to fulfill prophecies. Whatever their USP, the treasure hunters were on their golden trail.

The team look for the shipmates that got their hands on these pieces of eight

The team look for the shipmates that got their hands on these pieces of eight

Bringing to life some of these unsolved myths on screen, Raiders Of The Lost Past features men searching for hordes of gold, possessions of unlimited power and secrets of eternal life. For most people the stories told in the series are those of fantasy and film like in Indiana Jones, but these are the true stories of the real adventurers who believed in the legends.

Series 1

The series explores mysteries from across the centuries including Himmler and his expeditions to Greenland to unearth the Holy Grail, Percy Fawcett's search for the real El Dorado and a 21st Century expedition to find Noah's Ark.

Series 2

These fascinating films include the discovery of ancient writing on a stone that seemed to prove the existence of the Temple of Solomon, a detective story leading to Helen of Troy’s lost jewels, the discovery of King Arthur’s body and maybe even the missing gold of Montezuma. A sunken Spanish galleon full of treasure, the Nazis’ hunt for the lost people of Atlantis and a missing gold mine in the Arizona desert also feature in the series.