About Ronnie Kray and the Pervert Peer

The Kray twins rose up through the London criminal underground in the 1960s to become the kings of the capital. Ronnie and Reggie ruled their territory with an iron fist, but also courted celebrity and became local heroes, despite their feared status.

Ronnie Kray and the Pervert Peer

Out of the two, Ronnie was seen as the most volatile - openly homosexual in a time when homosexuality was still a criminal offence, he also suffered from mental health problems.

In 1964, an exposé in the Sunday Mirror linked Conservative politician Robert Boothby and Ronnie with questions about a homosexual relationship and, although nobody was actually named, the tabloid came under enormous pressure to retract the story from the Krays, Boothby and, surprisingly Labour Party leader Harold Wilson. In fact, both the Conservative and Labour parties seemed more and more hesitant to press for police action against the Krays over the following years.

This documentary looks at how political influence was at the heart of the notorious Kray twins' success. Just how deep was the connection between the rise of the Kray twins, from small-time racketeers to leaders of the most powerful criminal organisation in London, and Tory peer Lord Boothby with a passion for kinky sex?