Episode 1: The Earl of Errol - Death in the Valley

During WW2, Kenya's Happy Valley was a hedonistic hideaway for society's royal and ristocratic elite. It was a place where casual sex, drug-taking and general debauchery were commonplace and the upper classes could misbehave far away from the gaze of those at home who might disapprove.

The Earl of Errol - Death in the Valley

Immortalised on film and in print, this is the true story of the life and mysterious murder of the most talked-about and notorious member of Kenya's notorious Happy Valley set. Since Josslyn Hay, 22nd Earl of Errol - was discovered dead in his car with a bullet through his head just outside Nairobi in 1941, speculation about the unknown murderer and his or her motives has continued.

The authorities seemed satisfied with the highly sensationalised trial of the only suspect, Jock Broughton, the cuckolded husband of Errol's last lover, Diana.

A not-guilty verdict was returned after a baffling barrage of confusing evidence which came as a result of much clumsy police work.

What is the truth? It's a tale that features a heady cocktail of illicit and very shady goings-on, a genuine unsolved mystery and the steamy heat of an exotic location. And this episode has a sting in the tale - the discovery of a lost tape which, had it been available at the time, would probably have resulted in a very different verdict.