Episode 3: Prince George: Tragedy or Treason?

The death of the Duke of Kent - the Queen’s uncle - in a plane crash in 1942 has never been fully explained. The mysterious circumstances surrounding the crash and the almost total lack of acknowledgement of it – or him - by the royal family has led to accusations that the Prince has been deliberately airbrushed from history.

Prince George: Tragedy or Treason?

But if that's true - then why? It may have been because the Prince was an acute embarrassment to the family and to the British government. A promiscuous hell raiser with an alleged string of male and female conquests to his name, a hard drinking party animal, a voracious and indiscreet drug user - all of these contributed to a reputation that was distinctly un-royal.

On top of which he was supposedly a Nazi sympathiser who at the time of his death was trying to broker a peace deal between Germany and the United Kingdom.

His death in Scotland was...convenient. At a stroke the 'George problem' had gone away. We'll pull no punches as we strive to get at the facts behind this great Royal murder mystery...