Episode 4: King Ludwig II – The Mad King of Bavaria

King Ludwig of Bavaria was gay, wildly eccentric and built fairy tale castles that today rate as Germany’s leading tourist attractions – he was not, it must be said, a conventional man or king.

King Ludwig II – The Mad King of Bavaria

His unstable behaviour saw him declared insane and deposed from the throne - and in June 1886, just three day later, he showed up dead in a lake south of Munich.

So Ludwig died - along with his psychiatrist - and the official version of events was that he had committed suicide; but recent evidence has come to light that suggests murder. That evidence is compelling enough to have led to louder and louder calls for the King's body to be exhumed to finally discover the truth.

In this episode we'll travel to Bavaria to tell the whole story and explore the version of events which suggests Ludwig was shot and his body dumped in Lake Starnberg. But if f so - why? And why has the Wittelbach family simply dismissed all the murder claims and refused point blank to any examination of Ludwig's remains?