Albert Victor - the Prince and the Ripper

Prince Albert Victor - Queen Victoria’s Grandson -was certainly a fascinating man. Rumour, speculation and scandal constantly surrounded the short life of the man known as ‘Eddy’ and his memory has not been treated any differently.

Ep6: Albert Victor - the Prince and the Ripper

He was a dimwit they said. A philanderer too. He was certainly a promiscuous homosexual, who managed to get himself embroiled in the Cleveland Street scandal which placed him as a regular user of a gay brothel.

But worst of all, he was later named as a suspect in the infamous 'Jack the Ripper' murders of the late 19th century.

His innocence of the Ripper murders may not have been hard to prove, but the fact remains - how did a man who was once 2nd in line to the British throne ever get himself into a position which put him under suspicion? What were the details of what Queen Victoria called his 'dissipated life'?

Most fascinating of all - did he really father a child by an East End prostitute which required the mother to be silenced? Where the Ripper killings part of an organised cover-up to save the face of the Royal family? Or were the killings of a madman and the confusion as to culprit ruthlessly used to murder one particular prostitute and lay the blame at the door of the Ripper?

It's a fascinating new take on the whole Ripper episode, which continues to fascinate and appal in equal to this day.