About Samurai Warrior Queens

The legends of the Samurai seem to be an all-male affair, but contrary to popular belief, Samurai women stood their ground in countless battles and castle sieges throughout Japan's history.

Samurai Warrior Queens

This brand new and exclusive docudrama tells the fascinating true story of Samurai woman Takeko Nakano who fights for her clan's independence in a final battle that marks the end of the Samurai era.

In 1853, six-year-old Takeko starts her formal Samurai education and relentless martial arts training in Edo, when the arrival of American gunboats changes the isolated country forever. Ten years later, Takeko becomes one of the youngest martial arts masters and receives a personal dagger as a rite of passage from her mother. She refuses her master's marriage proposal, instead preparing her students for war.

The growing Western influence splits the powerful Samurai clans into two warring factions and in 1868, Takeko, her sister and mother write their death poems and cut their hair in the tradition of the male Samurai. The next day, Takeko leads a group of young Aizu Samurai women against the modern rifle regiments of the Emperor's army.

Recent archaeological investigations show that women played a crucial role in Samurai warfare, proving not only the existence of the Samurai warrior woman but also their complete dedication and extensive suffering. These Samurai women's histories remain one of the world's great untold stories.

In today's martial arts schools, the spirit of Japan's female warriors continues to thrive. Interviews with a headmistress, a female Grandmaster, British and US historians and a Japanese archaeologist, as well as dramatic re-enactments, CG animation, original costumes and historic locations bring Takeko's amazing story back to life.