About The Secret War

Just when you thought you knew everything about WWII, The Secret War uncovers more incredible stories that exist under the radar.

Secret War

From May 1940 until June 1944, Europe was overrun by Hitler’s rampaging army. While the Russians were engaging the Third Reich in the east, Britain and her Allies were waging war in the west.

But as bombs dropped from planes, missiles launched from submarines and tanks were deployed all over the world, another kind of war was being waged by the Allies; a secret war.

This secret war involved countless acts of courage, ruthlessness, double dealing and betrayal. It featured secret agents working dangerously and tirelessly on the continent to turn the Nazi tide, but never knew who, at any time, they could trust.

Some became double agents as they believed it was the best strategy for staying alive. Some played both sides for the thrill of the danger, but always these extraordinary characters lived their lives on the edge. Secret War tells their amazing stories.

We’ll meet legendary British Agent 'Tricycle' who had a voracious sexual appetite and earned his code name for his penchant for three-in-a-bed escapades.

Secret War also, for the first time, proves that fashion designer Hardy Amies ran an assassination operation in Belgium during the war, and uncovers how actor Peter Ustinov’s father kept open back channels of communication to the German establishment just in case it was possible to negotiate a peace settlement.

The programme also looks at how MI6 betrayed the Special Operations Executive (SOE) and how the SOE’s first ever radio operator, Noor Inayat Khan, single-handedly kept communications between London and the French Resistance alive.