About Secrets of the Bible

This brand new and exclusive series brings to life some of the best-known stories and adventurers in history.

Secrets of the Bible

Secrets of the Bible see archaeologists, historians, scientists and eccentrics who have tried to prove that the Bible, and its stories, are literally true.

The Ten Plagues

The Ten Plagues

From Jonah and the Whale to the Parting of the Red Sea, from the Tower of Babel to the Lost Tribe of Israel, this 13-part series tells stories of extraordinary events - of cities swallowed up by the earth, of visions of heaven, of sieges and battles.

Each episode focuses on a single explorer, a real modern day Indiana Jones, who believes that they have uncovered the truth. Motivated sometimes by faith, sometimes by greed, sometimes by evil, sometimes by simple curiosity, these are people who have devoted their lives to often impossible quests. Their numbers include several distinguished Professors, a former sound engineer for the band 10 cc, and even the world's deepest deep sea diver. Some spend millions. Others face humiliation and ridicule. Some even risk their lives to find out the truth.