Secrets of the Transport Museum Episode Guide

Brooklands Museum is home to the most important pieces motorsport and aviation history in the world. See what's in store for this series.

Secrets of the Transport Museum Episode Guide

See the Secrets of the Transport Museum

Narrated by Sanjeev Bhaskar, this new, UKTV Original series, follows the Brooklands volunteers and staff as they mend, maintain and restore the most extraordinary historic motors and aircrafts in the world. Cars, motorbikes, buses, bi-planes and even weapons and missiles are all tuned up and restored using engineering expertise that has been all but forgotten, except in this unique mecca for classic grease monkeys.

Episode 1: Tuesday 30th March, 8pm

A chain driven Frazer Nash 1930s racer has a potentially catastrophic gear malfunction that must be fixed before an important race meeting against other vintage cars.

The first vehicle ever to go round the track, driven by the circuit's co-founder Ethyl Locke King, is given a new lease of life by the motoring team of volunteers, and motors again for the first time in 50 years. But will museum director Tamalie pass her classic car driving test in order to be able to master the controls one of the oldest cars in the collection?

Meanwhile, a one-of-a-kind Harrier Jump jet has a flat tire that could has disastrous consequences for this revolutionary aircraft. Will the team be able to fix the problem before its wings are damaged under the weight?

Episode 2: Tuesday 6th April, 8pm

The V12 Delage was once the car of choice of Kay Petre, one of the infamous Belles of Brooklands, a group of women who raced on level terms with men back in the 1920. The car has now returned 100 years later to be driven by a modern-day racing driver, Abbie Eaton. Will Abbie be able to get to grips with the vintage controls like her trailblazers did a century ago?

Meanwhile, in the London Bus Museum, the last ever iconic route master to roll off the production line and into service receives a complete makeover. And no bus would be complete without signage, so an expert sign writer recreates some famous adverts of the period along with one with a more modern twist.

Also, Concorde 'Delta Golf' is the pride of the Aircraft park at the museum, but it's being battered by the elements. Thankfully, the team that looked after Concord when it was in service are still on hand to take care of it now, as volunteers at the museum. Will their years of dedication and experience be enough to prevent the aeroplane having its wings clipped?

And a Grandfather tries passing his two-wheeled knowledge down to his grandson whilst repairing an extremely rare and historic motorcycle which once raced around the track. But will their endeavours be enough to stop the centenarian cycle from smoking?

Episode 3: Tuesday 13th April, 8pm

A trio of vintage aircraft are due to test a new runway surface at the museum. But the great British weather could be about to put a dampener on proceedings. Those that manage to take off face the perilous task of landing on a treacherously short runway with trees at one end and streetlights at the other. This would be a challenge for modern planes, but for the pilots of a Tiger Moth which doesn't have brakes, it may prove a bridge too far.

Meanwhile, a shocking discovery is made on a wooden-framed car that is being devoured by woodworm. The team must act quickly before the pests spread to the rest of the priceless collection.

And a very rare vintage triumph motorcycle is rescued form a barn where it had been abandoned for over half a century. The motorcycle team combine their efforts to try and get the bike running again but will its irreplaceable parts have been left to rot for too long to repair?

Episode 4: Tuesday 20th April, 8pm

The museum is preparing for the arrival of an exciting new addition to their impressive Grand Prix exhibit. To bring their collection right up-to-date and intro the 21st century, an electric-powered Formula E car is on its way. But to make room, they'll have to take the 2001 Jordon on a perilous journey across the site.

Whilst John and fellow volunteers work as a team to fix the snapped gearstick on the Railton Terraplane car, expert mechanic duo Ralph and Garry tackle the dents on the wing of the Hillman Aero-Minx, damaged when it rolled into another vehicle whilst on parade.

And Motorcycle expert Perry has a passion project. He plans to rebuild the Triumph Tiger 80 bike, built and raced by the infamous TT Racer Freddie Clarke in the 30s. Clarke smashed the lap record at Brooklands in 1939 on the customised bike and as it no longer exists, Perry wants to remake it and follow in Freddie's footsteps. But with the design having no front brakes and low handlebars, riding it is a daunting undertaking.

Episode 5: Tuesday 27th April, 8pm

The Napier Railton - the legendary 87-year-old endurance and track racing car and jewel in the museums motoring crown - is put through its paces when it meets an old rival. Pipped at the post during a time trial, can it snatch victory from the jaws of defeat? Also, a devoted volunteer is on a one-man, two-year mission to repair the museum's Wellington Bomber. A much-loved part of the collection, the bomber was resurrected from its watery grave in Loch Ness after being shot down on New Year's Eve 1940. Armed with his trusty toothbrush, volunteer Phil is determined to restore the historic plane, no matter how long it takes. And time is running out for the team preparing to commemorate those workers who lost their lives during a devastating WWII bombing of the Vickers Aircraft manufacturing factory in 1940 on the Brooklands site.