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Nazi Victory: The Post-War Plan

Series 1

Nazi Victory: The Post-War Plan

  • America

    Adolf Hitler's aspirations were truly global. Hear about the Nazis' plans to invade America - and the surprising support for National Socialism in the 'land of the free'.

  • Nazification

    Discover how Adolf Hitler intended to shape model Nazi citizens through anti-Semitic clothing laws, the establishing of SS bride schools and breeding programmes.

  • Recreation

    Hear how Adolf Hitler used recreation and leisure time to control Germany's workforce and indoctrinate citizens of the Third Reich with the ideals of the Nazi regime.

  • Hitler's British HQ

    What world could we now inhabit had the Nazis prevailed in WWII? Hear about Hitler's post-war plans for Britain, from concentration camps on UK soil to new national landmarks.

  • Transporting the Reich

    Hear about Adolf Hitler's grand plans to modernise the German transport system, including super trains, futuristic airports and planes for the public.

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  • Megacities

    From rebranding Berlin as the world's capital to the destruction of Warsaw, hear about Adolf Hitler's plans to redesign Germany's occupied territories after WWII.