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Secrets of Britain

Series 1

Secrets of Britain

  • Secrets of the Tower of London

    A patriotic celebration of British buildings. Go behind the walls of this grand Tower, which has served as a royal castle, jail and place of execution.

  • Secrets of Underground London

    Two millennia of subterranean London history are charted in this absorbing study. Discover Roman remains, gruesome plague pits and secret bunkers.

  • Secrets of Westminster

    Westminster Abbey is steeped in Anglo-Saxon myth and regal legend, housing many dead luminaries and hosting 16 royal weddings. This British icon is explored.

  • Secrets of Scotland Yard

    Discover the macabre details of Scotland Yard's past and meet a host of present-day sleuths to unearth the secrets of the world's most famous police station.

  • Secrets of Her Majesty's Secret Service

    Inside the shadowy world of the MI6. Is it all gadgets and risky operations as depicted in the Bond films? This absorbing series reveals all.

  • Secrets of Selfridges

    We uncover the secret history of this lavish department store - which revolutionised the way that Brits shopped - and the amazing story of Mr Selfridge himself.