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True Evil: The Making Of A Nazi

Series 1

True Evil: The Making Of A Nazi

  • Josef Goebbels

    A profile of Josef Goebbels, the failed academic who channelled his resentment into a hatred of Jewish people, and enthusiastically led the Nazi campaign of terror.

  • Heinrich Himmler

    An in-depth profile of Heinrich Himmler, the book-loving loner whose strange mystical beliefs drove him to carry out the most shocking act of genocide in human history.

  • Werner von Braun

    A look at Werner von Braun, the gifted young scientist whose ambition led him to abandon any sense of morality in pursuit of his dream of space flight.

  • Albert Speer

    The series focusing on those associated with Hitler's regime continues with Albert Speer, the architect whose desire to build grand buildings led him to sell his soul.

  • Adolf Eichmann

    A profile of Adolf Eichmann, the bureaucratic civil servant whose robotic willingness to follow orders led him to design the system that would bring about the holocaust.

  • Hermann Goering

    A profile of Hermann Goering - the dashing, young, down-on-his-luck war veteran who turned into an extravagant, heartless, obese, drug-addled Nazi billionaire.