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Weekend Warriors

Series 1

Weekend Warriors

  • The Siege of Marlborough

    Behold the eccentric world of historical re-enactment! The English Civil War Society load up their muskets as they revisit the 1642 Battle of Marlborough.

  • Wellington at Vitoria

    Join the history obsessives who live out the past. Steve plans to restage the 1813 Battle of Vitoria, in which the Duke of Wellington's army crushed the French.

  • The Gathering of the Vikings

    Meet the men and women who spend their weekends living out the past! The nation's top battle re-enactment groups recreate the Battle of Clontarf in Eire.

  • The Norman Siege of Rochester

    History buffs wield swords and maces as they restage iconic battles! Historia Normannis re-enact the fiery Norman siege of Rochester Castle in 1215.

  • The Battle of Legend

    In soggy Wiltshire, history buffs gather to re-enact the legendary battle between the Britons - supposedly led by King Arthur - and the Saxons at Mount Badon.

  • The Battle of Falaise

    A crack squad of history hobbyists advance on Leicester to meticulously re-enact a key moment in the Battle for Normandy - featuring tanks and parachute jumps!

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