About The Sixties

Tom Hanks produces and appears in this comprehensive exploration of the most tumultuous and culturally significant decade in modern history.

The Sixties


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Fifty years on and the allure of the 1960s is as strong as ever, with the decade’s incredible news events, politics, civil rights struggles, fashions, music and film still as important as ever.

This new 10-part series kicks off with The World on the Brink, looking at the tense political situations that arose in the 60s, from the Cuban missile crisis to the Bay of Pigs Invasion.

The series also includes episodes on The Assassination of President Kennedy, The War in Vietnam, A Long March to Freedom and Television Comes Of Age, which looks at how the medium we now take for granted first began to dominate people’s lives, and then launches into an exhaustive run through the key moments of a decade history will never forget.