Curtis and Andy: A Lasting Partnership

Curtis Dowling and Andy Smith, like Lovejoy and Tinker, are a lasting partnership.


Curtis and Andy originally met in 1983 and when Curtis started frequenting the antiques fairs around the UK Andy was already one of the team, busy selling and collecting interesting objects from far and wide.

Curtis and Andy analysing a potential treasure

Curtis and Andy analysing a potential treasure

As Curtis went on to develop his skills and business, people-person Andy was always on hand to help out in any way possible, winning people round, finding out information and tracking down elusive items. 30 years on and Andy is still doing the same job, it's as if he was born to do it! In the antiques trade he's referred to as a "barker", a role made famous by Tinker from the BBC classic Lovejoy.

Like any good double act they are worlds apart in the way the live their lives but perhaps that's what makes them such a great team and keeps them together after so many years.

You can see Curtis Dowling and Andy Smith in Treasure Detectives on Yesterday.