Victorian Farm Christmas

Switching attention to the festive period to find out what it was like to prepare a Victorian Christmas.

Victorian Farm

No electricity, no gas, no flushing toilet – and no tractor. That’s what the Victorian Farm team have to work with in every series. Now, they switch their attention to the festive period and find out first-hand what it was like to prepare and host a Victorian Farm Christmas.

The Victoria era was a crucial moment in British history, with rapid industrialisation changing lives up and down the country. But in rural communties, farming the land was just as back-breaking as it always had been, and Victorian Farm is a hands-on insight into how people from that period wore, ate and farmed and managed their animals. And, of course, how they enjoyed the Christmas period.

Victorian farmers Ruth, Alex and Peter return to the Acton Scott in Shropshire and soon find that there’s a lot to get through before they can even start thinking about the festivities. There’s a hay harvest to sort out, safe places for the animals to rest during winter to be constructed, and iron forge to be converted, firewood to be found and traditional mincemeat in the kitchen to be made.