About Weekend Warriors

Brand new and exclusive to Yesterday, Weekend Warriors is a celebration of British eccentricity, visiting the little-known world of the battle re-enactors.

Weekend Warriors

These men and women spend their weekends living in the past, as roundheads, cavaliers, Roman legionnaires, maids in distress, World War II soldiers or even Vikings.

Battle of Napoleon.

Battle of Napoleon.

They bring to life the most famous battles in history, which are lovingly and accurately portrayed in the fields and villages all over the United Kingdom. Each episode focuses on a different group of re-enactors as they prepare for their weekend-long battle, including the English Civil War and the Napoleonic Wars.

Weekend Warriors will immerse us in the world of the re-enactors - people who have dedicated years of their life learning from veterans, books, letters, each other and from their own personal experience to paint a perfect picture of soldiers and followers during battles of their chosen time-period.