Who Do You Think You Are? Series 4

The fourth series of Who Do You Think You Are? sees seven celebrities trace their ancestry, discovering secrets and surprises from their past, and heading back to their roots.


The Episodes

  1. Natasha Kaplinsky
    Natasha Kaplinsky

    Natasha Kaplinsky admits that she didn't really know who she was at the beginning of this film. Although she was born in England, her father was born in South Africa, her mother in India and her brother in Kenya. And yet she knows that her Kaplinsky ancestors came from Eastern Europe. So where does her identity lie? We join Natasha in her journey to discover her heritage and her identity.

  2. John Hurt
    John Hurt

    From the moment John Hurt first set foot in Ireland, he felt a strong affinity to it - he felt that it was his home. Equipped with a family tale that his great grandmother, Emma Stafford, was the illegitimate daughter of the Earl of Sligo, John sets out on the trail of his Irish roots - and to see if this story is true.

  3. Griff Rhys Jones
    Griff Rhys Jones

    Although Griff Rhys Jones admits that he was bored stiff by his elderly relatives as a boy, he now finds certain aspects of his family history intriguing. In particular, he wants to know more about his maternal grandmother, Louisa, who was supposedly adopted by distant relatives following the death of her parents in a train crash. This story had been hushed up in the family for years - and Griff sets out on the trail of discovery, uncovering more than he bargained for.

  4. Carol Vorderman
    Carol Vorderman

    Carol Vorderman grew up knowing very little about her absent father, but she believes she might find traits in his family that she recognises in herself. This really is a voyage into the unknown, where Carol hopes to unlock a hidden heritage - and understand more about her genetic inheritance.

  5. Alisstair McGowan
    Alisstair McGowan

    Alistair McGowan has always wondered about his dark colouring, which often leads him to be mistaken for French or Italian. He wonders if he has any Indian blood, an idea which his father, George, always vehemently denied, explaining away the colouring by claiming Portuguese blood long ago. But George was born and grew up in India, and on his birth certificate is listed as 'Anglo-Indian'. Thus the scene is set for a true voyage into the unknown.


    Graham Norton - or Graham William Walker, as he was born - left Ireland when he was young and hasn't looked back - until now. He always felt out of place, growing up in a small Protestant family in the predominantly Catholic south of Ireland. But he now admits that he feels drawn to the country, and wonders if his discoveries might change his view of Ireland. There is only one way to find out.

  7. Matthew Pinsent
    Matthew Pinsent

    What do the Olympic Games, World War One Tanks, Henry VIII and opium have in common? The answer is that they make for a fascinating journey for Matthew Pinsent as he delves into his family's heritage, uncovering the unexpected at every turn.