Who Do You Think You Are? Series 6

Series six once again assembles a group of celebrities and sets them off on a hunt to explore their family histories, which leads to always surprising but sometimes incredible results.


The Episodes

  1. Zoe Wananaker
    Zoe Wananaker

    My Family star Zoe Wanamaker researches her ancestry, focusing on the roots of her father, American actor Sam Wanamaker, who fled to the UK to escape the anti-communist McCarthy witch-hunts.

  2. Rory Bremner
    Rory Bremner

    Impressionist Rory Bremner traces his family's roots, especially those of his father, a distant figure who died when Rory was 18.

  3. Rick Stein
    Rick Stein

    Chef Rick Stein traces his family's roots, especially those of his father, who suffered from manic depression and committed suicide in the 1960s.

  4. Kevin Whately
    Kevin Whately

    Actor Kevin Whately researches his affluent family history, beginning in his home town of Newcastle to find out about his grandmother's career as a singer and her father's business empire.

  5. Davina McCall
    Davina McCall

    Popular TV presenter, Davina McCall goes in search of her French heritage and delves into the family rumour that the English side of her family descended from royal blood. Also, Davina's grandmother reveals that she believes Davina's great-great-great-grandfather is the illegitimate son of George IV. It's time for Davina to learn the truth.

  6. Chris Moyles
    Chris Moyles

    Chris Moyles, the outspoken DJ who has recently announced he is to step down as presenter of the Radio 1 Breakfast Show, explores his Irish roots in the popular ancestry show.

    Visiting both Ireland and Belgium on his quest to delve deep into his ancestry, Chris discovers exactly where his surname comes from, and what it means, as well as visiting where his great grandfather fought and died in World War I.

  7. Kate Humble
    Kate Humble

    Kate Humble investigates her paternal grandfather, a former RAF test pilot, and her maternal grandfather, who was once a prisoner of war.

  8. David Mitchell
    David Mitchell

    David Mitchell goes in search of his Scottish roots. He tries to find out why the Mitchells gave up farming and whether they were involved in the Highland Clearances.

  9. Kim Cattrall
    Kim Cattrall

    Liverpool-born Sex and the City star Kim Cattrall sets out to solve a family mystery that has endured for more than 70 years: the disappearance of her grandfather.

  10. Martin Freeman
    Martin Freeman

    Martin Freeman investigates the paternal side of his family history, which he knows virtually nothing about.