About Why Planes Crash

In Why Planes Crash pilots and passengers relive the rare and horrifying occasions in which malice, human error or technical faults turn routine flights into nightmares.

Why Planes Crash

The search takes us inside some of the most terrifying situations imaginable with the aid of shocking archive footage and dramatic animated reconstructions.

Throughout the 13-part series, and using authentic hijack footage, we look at what causes planes to come into trouble, and ask why some pilots risk ditching their planes in water, and how someone can survive the experience.

The series also explores the grievous effects of people's mistakes, oversights and distractions, and how they can do more damage to a plane than any mechanical fault. Why Planes Crash also features the jet that ran out of fuel and smashed into a hillside just miles from a runway and looks at the sudden structural failures that may plague a plane, such as an exploding door, which caused nine passengers to be sucked out.